How It Works

  • GET COMFORTABLE - Enter the Cryosauna, and stand on the adjustable platform with your head outside the chamber. A technician fills the chamber with nitrogen vapor. The temperature drops between -120 degrees C to -150 degrees C, temporarily lowering the temperature of the skin’s outer layer.

  • VASOCONSTRICTION - Extreme cold therapy triggers the brain’s central nervous system to go into survival mode. This jumpstarts the body’s natural defense mechanisms, pushing nutrient-rich blood flow from the extremities to the core.

  • BLOOD DETOXIFICATION - Nutrient-dense blood in the body’s core is fortified with collagen, oxygen and erythrocytes to facilitate the breakdown and removal of harmful toxins.

  • VASODILATION - After leaving the Cryosauna, you’ll experience vasodilation when the body distributes nutrient-filled blood from the core into your skin, muscles, soft tissue, ligaments and tendons.

  • FEEL REJUVENATED - Experience whole-body therapy relief in the form of reduced inflammation, pain spasms that promotes healing, well-being and recovery.

  • REPEAT - As part of a complete pain management or recovery program, it is recommended for first time users to schedule 3-5 cryotherapy sessions during the first week. After the first week, three sessions are recommended per week to continue to alleviate any symptoms. Many users have incorporated Cryo in their overall wellness routine and can customize a routine that fits their lifestyle.